Chapter 3: (better than) Chipwiches

The Experimencers sprang back into action on Sunday, August 6.

Buoyed by the arrival of the newest member of the Experimencer team, Admiral Salty (fresh off a six-month detail patrolling pirate activity in the Arctic Ocean, see photo in "My Profile"), Zeus and Achilles decided to one-up their last experimence (see "Chapter 2: Ice Cream Cake") in the only way possible--to make something equally delicious, yet portable.

Z and A decided to create chocolate-chip-cookie-ice-cream-sandwiches. Yet unhappy with the quality of regular storebought cookie-dough ice cream (the cookie dough is simply inferior to Z and A's own recipe), they decided to put the "experi" in "experimence" once again.

After making a double batch of raw cookie dough, Z and A baked 10 cookies (enough for 5 sandwiches) and also rolled out an extra sheet of cookie dough. After the cookies had cooled, Z and A spread ice cream on each cookie and sandwiched them together around a small disk of raw cookie dough that would serve as the filling.

The Naysayer did make one suggestion (one more than usual) that the experimencers decided to use--namely, pressing mini chocolate chips onto the sides of the sandwiches for an extra dose of chocolate. True to form, however, she soon retreated to the couch with the pot of leftover cookie dough, abandoning the experimencers (see forthcoming photo). Newcomer The Ocean, Achilles' girlfriend, chipped in by suggesting a revolutionary method for placing the chocolate chips on the side.

In the end, though, the inspiration and execution came from the usual source. But this time, the experimencers' feat was one not just of culinary brilliance and ingenious foresight, but also of revolutionary architecture and sublime deliciousness.

Current status: The experimencers are currently in negotiations with officials at the Louvre to replace the much-maligned pyramid in the courtyard with one of Z and A's culinary masterpieces.


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The only thing more complicated to make in one's kitchen is methamphetamine.

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