Chapter 2: Ice Cream Cake

Controversy struck the experimencers on Sunday, July 23rd.

Zeus' girlfriend (hereinafter referred to as "The Naysayer") alleged that on Thursday, the 20th, he had promised her ice cream cake at a DC bar in an attempt to persuade her to attend happy hour with him and his coworkers. Though Zeus denies any such promise, the experimencers decided to silence their critic and also confront the heat wave swamping DC.

They decided to create a cool, creamy concoction--the Oreo Ice Cream Cake.

Using a delicious butter-chocolate cake mix, the experimencers created a rich fudgey cake that would have been wonderful on its own. But that wasn't good enough. Instead, they cooled their two cakes, sandwiched Oreo flavored ice cream in the middle, frosted it with a wonderfully fluffy vanilla icing, and placed crushed Oreos on top.

Despite heckling from the Naysayer (specifically that the cake looked "misshapen" and "postmodern"--as if the founders could make anything that wasn't amazing) Zeus and Achilles pressed on and ultimately created a wonderful dessert that involved hours of baking, freezing, and crushing.

In short, they realized that the best way to silence their critic was to make a creation of undeniable brilliance. They succeeded--at least for the time she spent chewing and savoring the delicacy created by those she dared doubt.

Whether the experimencer's solution to the DC heat is a tenable one remains to be seen. But rest assured, readers, that if the DC government comes to the experimencers and asks them to serve the city they temporarily live in, they will be ready to aid.

So long as they get a piece of each cake they make.

Current Status: True to predictions, the Experimencers have been contacted by an exploratory panel commissioned by the DC government to investigate potential culinary solutions to the heat. They are expected to testify in front of the panel at some as-yet-undetermined date. This blog lacks information or belief as to whether the Experimencers will reveal any of their trade secrets in this inquiry.


Blogger JHG said...

Under the Cake, Cookies and Cream: A Literary Critique of “The Experimence,” Chapter 2

Although seemingly characterized by joyous frivolity, the experimence described in chapter two is best understood as a heroic, yet tragic, effort to atone for the original sin described in the chapter’s second paragraph. RK labors under a self-imposed sentence of atonement for his earlier, serpentine decision to tempt the Nayser with atheistic summer’s forbidden fruit – an ice cream cake in a crowded bar – and then cruelly remove it. RK hints at the weight of this burden by describing his motivation as “to silence [his] critic” and relating the searing effects of continued “heckling from the Naysayer.”

But what is most emotionally compelling about RK’s culinary pilgrimage is the route he chooses – his own personal whips and chains. Rather than retrospective remorse, RK chooses the far braver task of attempting to undo sin. Like Gatsby trying to recapture his years-ago transcendent kiss with Daisy, RK attempts to recreate an historical moment. By doggedly pursuing the material replication of the original ice cream cake, RK attempts to unwind history and gain access to the moment in which he betrayed the Naysayer. In this way, the admittedly delicious final product of chapter two represents more than dessert. It is a sacrament, a prayer that RK be re-admitted to a particular moment in time and space and empowered to re-craft it in a way that erases his sin. RK’s faith that by making “a creation of undeniable brilliance” he may transgress metaphysical laws, suggests a uniquely American perspective. His belief in the power of material creation to change the world is a powerful statement of optimism. The delicious ice cream cake described in chapter two is his skyscraper, his Hoover Dam, his backyard party full of champagne, full of fluttering jazz notes, full of guests murmuring like moths.

It would be easy to partake of the Experimence’s bountiful output like a guest at Gatsby’s party. To gorge. But the hidden inner struggle of the experimence’s creator adds a rich layer of meaning to an already rich culinary treat.

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