Chapter 1: The Beginning

Welcome to the experimence! This site is dedicated to celebrating the collective brilliance of two resourceful young gentlemen who one day decided to focus their genius on culinary pursuits.

One Sunday night, the two founders, Zeus and Achilles (former college students at Columbia University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, respectively) decided that they wanted cookies. Unhappy with the products they found in the store, they decided to take matters into their own hands. They purchased every ingredient needed to make delicious chocolate chip cookies . . . and then they came home.

Arriving in their apartment, they realized that they barely had any baking utensils to speak of. Their inventory consisted of three wooden spoons, a big metal pot, and a pizza pan. Undaunted, the founders pressed forward. They made a delicious cookie dough, set some of it aside for instant consumption, and began to form cookies out of the rest.

They soon discovered that their small pizza pan would not enable them to make a big batch of cookies. Putting their minds to work, they decided that instead of making a few small cookies, they would make one big one. They spread the dough on the pizza pan and made a cookie cake that would put all others to shame.

The cookie was delicious, but more exciting was the experience of experimenting with baking. The founders could have stopped there, but they decided to press their ingeniuity and resourcefulness further. They would attempt to make outlandishly complex creations with only the tools in their apartment.

The world would never be the same. History was forever changed. The experimence was born.


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