A Brief Introduction....If We May

"There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction."
-The Prince (1532)

With this in mind it is our privilege to pause for but a moment and introduce the individuals who constitute the collective brilliance known as The Experimence. The following is a humble attempt to explain a fraction (for realistically that is all anyone could do) of who these individuals are.


-Known by many titles (e.g. Ruler of Mount Olympus, God of the Sky, God of Thunder, King of the Gods) Zeus is nonetheless a troubled soul. Constantly pestered by the one known only as The Naysayer, Zeus' role is that of the tormented hero who is able to triumph in the face of such overwhelming difficulty. Driven by a desire to create something more powerful than himself, Zeus toils endlessly creating some of the most exemplary culinary masterpieces ever conceived.

"Open your mouth and shut your eyes and see what Zeus will send you."
-Aristophanes, 450 BC

Zeus does not bring all men's plans to fulfillment."
-Homer, 754 BC


-The greatest warrior of all time, Achilles is equally famous for both his prowess in battle and the intensity of his anger. Though normally a gentle-hearted patron of the kitchen, Achilles is fiercely loyal to his friends and will pursue their persecutors to the ends of the earth. His destruction of Hector during the Trojan War after the death of his friend Patroklos, as well as his attempts to deflect the Naysayer's insults from his friend Zeus, stand as evidence of his fealty. His name, a combination of the Greek words for "grief" (akhos) and "people" (laos), is fitting: Achilles travels throughout the oceans to address the grief of people everywhere by bringing them epicurean delights.

"I only wish my fury would compel me to cut away your flesh and eat it raw for what you've done."
-Achilles, to Hector (Homer, 754 BC)

"If they ever turn my story let them say that I walked with giants. Men rise and fall like the winter wheat, but these names will never die. Let them say I lived in the time of Achilles."
-Odysseus (Troy, dir. Wolfgang Petersen, 2004)

Admiral Salty

-The most secretive of the divine trinity, Admiral Salty is a legend in the truest sense of the word. His precise origins and even the reason for his peculiar name have never been revealed. To this day not even his companions know what nation or organization granted Salty the rank of Admiral. Only one thing is known: none have ever questioned that he deserves it. Vigilant and guarded when supervising even the most menial of tasks Salty is able to remain as stoic while watching over an oven as he did when taking a 12 hour watch in the crow's nest. Admiral Salty, a swashbuckler, pirate hunter, and legend has become an integral part of the greatest collaboration in history.

"That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that's what a ship needs but what a ship is . . . is freedom."
-Captain Jack Sparrow, 2003

"The admiral or commander in chief of a squadron, being frequently invested with a great charge, on which the fate of a kingdom may depend, ought certainly to be possessed of abilities equal to so important a station and so extensive a command."
-William Falconer


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"It is of great use to the sailor to know the length of his line, though he cannot with it fathom all the depths of the ocean.”

Food for thought from the only soul who knows the tale of Admiral Salty, how fitting that it could only be the Ocean.

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